About Zak James

I have worked within the UK and international real estate markets in some shape or form at a leadership level for the last 25 years. Creating from inception, growing organically and leading businesses within real estate ranging from recruitment to high end residential property services in London. I have built a reputation for integrity, trust and repeat business which has and will always be the format that I approach any transaction from.

My expertise lie in strategic identification of positive revenue markets, building and developing companies from the ground up through strategic planning, recruitment and placing of key individuals within businesses to drive profitability. I am a wholehearted believer in identifying deliverables from an early stage and finding the most efficient way to drive companies forward however most importantly nurturing individuals in the businesses we have and bringing out through leadership the best people have to offer.

Whether it comes to buying property on a personal level, advising investors or developers right through to helping a tenant navigate their first tenancy I believe in giving everyone the same level of commitment, attention, and service. Through positive interactions I strive to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships that result in profitability for all parties involved.